4 Paws Transit provides specialized local ground transportation for pets to make sure your best friend can get to important veterinary appointments (and other destinations) as well as exclusive pet walking and sitting services.  They travel in a safe, climate-controlled vehicle equipped specifically for them.  The walking and sitting services furnish these precious companions with personalized attention ensuring they feel pampered and have fun!


As a lover and owner of fur babies all of my life, I had always desired a career that would involve them and their care in some capacity.  With the often unmanageable schedules thrust upon folks today with work, children and other obligations,  I recognized needs regarding our 4-legged family members which must be accommodated as well.

My business emerged naturally from this passion to include animals in whatever profession I pursued while providing a service to ensure their quality of life.  Anyone who takes the time to peruse my website is obviously a pet parent concerned about the well-being of their precious companions already.....I'm here to lend a helping hand!

                                                                                        Robin Metz

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